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August 13, 2018 - miss universe

Sasha Lombardi is as splendid as she is beautiful.

Frankly, it’s a small daunting.

The Toronto local is usually finishing her second university grade (her initial is in amicable informative anthropology) and has her eye on a Ph.D. in anthropology down a road. Like a lot of millennials, she has a rarely developed amicable demur and devotes a lot of time to gift — work that’s taken her as distant north as a Yukon, and as distant south as Nicaragua on an Operation Smile charitable tour, with many stops in Jamaica, where she’s been concerned with a Salvation Army institution for a few years now.

An achieved equestrienne, Lombardi is also a competitor in a Miss Universe Canada manifestation entrance adult Aug. 18.  Besides smarts and beauty, she has a arrange of family story that creates her a ideal manifestation repute for Canada — she’s a granddaughter of Toronto’s possess Johnny Lombardi, owner of CHIN Radio and an early champion of multiculturalism.

Sasha Lombardi (ENREST DOROSZUK, Toronto Sun)

We spoke to Lombardi a few days ago and can news that she is poised, charming, and unequivocally good company.

How did we get concerned in Miss Universe Canada?

I competed for a initial time 2016, so this is my third Miss Universe Canada. Maybe third time’s a charm. (Laughs)  I was modelling as a part-time pursuit via university, and we saw an event to contest in Miss Universe Canada — I’d never even watched a manifestation before, though we was interested. we adore pulling my boundaries, creation myself uncomfortable, since I’ve realized that creates me grow as a person. we thought, ‘Why not? If we get to compete, afterwards we do, and if not, I’ll pierce on.’  I had positively no suspicion what we was removing myself into. we usually had a integrate of months to ready …  so we usually gave it my all. we did not place. we was indeed many dissapoint about not doing good in a charitable component, since we unequivocally put my heart into it, and charitable work means a lot to me. After that, we thought, ‘I schooled so most a initial time around, so let’s do again! And let’s do it properly.’ we found coaches, we have a coaching group … my conduct coach, we’re friends now. we call her my angel godmother.”

What’s a idea for contestants like yourself?

For me it would be a height that would rouse (the gift work) I’m doing to another level. Miss Universe is a ultimate goal, since that is literally a life changer. I’d be means to take my height to a universe! Through all this we have grown so most as an individual. Everything we work on for a manifestation is germane to genuine life. Even usually final year, doing this speak would have done me a shaken wreck. But (pageant work) has unequivocally pushed me, and we didn’t even comprehend how clever and assured we am.  I like to contend my manager unequivocally unbarred a light that was always inside of me. Everyone calls me Sasha Fierce now! (laughs) But when we initial showed adult for my initial conference with my coach, we was tongue-tied … We do group building. It unequivocally creates we speak and dive low — what you’re doing, since you’re doing it, what your fears are going in. So we unequivocally residence things, conduct on.  Not each lady gets a crown, though usually a tour itself is winning. we am so sanctified and absolved that we can do this, and my mom has helped me immensely.

Is it satisfactory to assume your gift work is partial of a family continuum?

My grandfather, Johnny Lombardi, and my mother, Danina Lombardi, unequivocally desirous me as a child. They ran a Sick Kids Telethon and we watched them correlate with people and unequivocally give behind to a community, and inspire others to give behind to a village … we have an commencement called The Givers Movement, and I’m operative to inspire people to get concerned in their communities — or abroad, if we wish to transport — to give back. The Givers Movement was usually named during a commencement of this year, though I’ve been doing a work for during slightest 5 years. I’ve been training a lot about opposite charities, and we work with charities weekly, so it’s a outrageous partial of my life …  Through The Givers Movement we try my best to approach people on how to give, where to give. we give them options, depending on what they’re meddlesome in. Some people like essay cheques, some like to uncover adult and get their hands dirty. we inspire people to get concerned and we try to give them examples how, since we do it myself.

Sasha Lombardi (ERNEST DOROSZUK, Toronto Sun)

There’s also gift work in a Miss Universe Canada pageant?

Canada is unique, since we consider we’re a usually nation with a charitable member in a manifestation and we’re scored on a charitable work. This year we’re lifting income for SOS Children’s Villages. Last year, we lifted over $3,000. for Operation Smile. This year I’m usually over $5700. for SOS Children’s Villages so my idea of $5,000 was ideal. I’m intensely happy!

You can assistance put Sasha into a Top 20 right divided by voting for her in a People’s Choice Award

You can minister to one of her sites for SOS Childrens Villages

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