Australian Survivor: Former Miss Universe Is Not Just A Pretty Face

July 28, 2018 - miss universe

“I wish to infer that there’s some-more to me than pageants, though some-more importantly we wish to be a certain purpose indication to immature women.”

She competence be a beauty manifestation queen, though don’t blink former Miss Universe Monika Radulovic as she competes in this year’s Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders.

Ten daily sat down with a 27-year-old, who suggested that she hopes that her knowledge on a uncover will enthuse immature girls opposite Australia that they unequivocally can do anything they set your mind to — notwithstanding what others competence think.

“It unequivocally repelled me to pointer adult for Survivor, though we did it for a same reason that did Miss Universe — to get out of my comfort zone,” she told 10 daily.

“I wanted to infer that there’s some-more to me than pageants, though some-more importantly we wanted to be a certain purpose indication to immature women. we wish them to take divided a thought that they can grasp anything — and even if they’re not a best during it, a categorical thing is to try your best.”

Just 3 weeks after marrying her longterm partner Alesandro in a intemperate marriage behind in March, Radulovic had to jet off to a island of Savusavu in Fiji to flog off a foe — a preference she admits was formidable for her.

“Leaving my father and carrying no hit was unequivocally a hardest thing — it was roughly like we had a solo honeymoon! It unequivocally done me conclude him that most more,” she revealed.

And while she competence be famous best as a indication and manifestation princess, a Psychology connoisseur spills that it was people’s preconceived notions about her that gave her an advantage.

“I wanted people to think, ‘Oh, Monika, she’s not going to be means to do anything, she’s usually a stupid small manifestation queen!’ So we used that and played adult to it,” she said, adding, “I used a lot of what we schooled in my psychology grade as good as my ability to review people. we would observe other contestants’ poise and collect adult lies and things like that,” she said.

Contrary to a renouned speculation that all existence shows are a set-up, Radulovic suggested that she was repelled during how “real” a whole Survivor knowledge was, saying:

“My family and friends have asked, ‘Surely we have showers and toothbrushes?’ — though we had nothing of that, we had to deflect for ourselves completely. What we see on a uncover is what we get, it was unequivocally hardcore, though I’m indeed blissful it’s so genuine.”

As for a one tip she has for anyone anticipating to contest on a uncover in future?

“You usually eat beans and rice — though once we detected we can supplement some salt H2O to a plate to indeed give it a bit of essence it’s nowhere nearby as bad!” she laughed.

And while she admits her army on a array was “incredibly challenging”, Radulovic has no regrets about her time on a island, even observant she would do it all over again if given a chance.

“If we knew what a knowledge would be how it was before we entered it, I’d be entering it each singular year!” she said.

“It done me realize that I’m bold and taught me to never behind down, no matter how frightened we are we usually have to keep going — and I’m unequivocally unapproachable of myself for that.”

Australian Survivor is set to premiere during 7.30pm on Wednesday 1 August, on TEN and WIN Network.

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