10-year-old wants to be Miss Universe

September 24, 2017 - miss universe

“I am a Queen”

A family print of when seven-year-old Destinee Britto won Little Miss Trinidad and Tobago.

When Destinee Britto was about 6 and saw a Miss World Trinidad and Tobago black on radio she suspicion she was “really pretty” and wanted to be like her.

Now 10, Britto already has one manifestation pretension underneath her belt and is scheming to contest for her second crown.

After being desirous by a internal Miss World delegate, Britto told her relatives she wanted to take partial in pageants. At seven, she entered Little Miss Trinidad and Tobago. For a foe she had to perform a talent, indication and wear “plenty dresses.” She also had to learn a choreography for all a participants.

“All a work was fun.”

Britto’s favourite partial was wearing her dress featuring a inhabitant dwindle and inhabitant bird, a cocrico. She won and was really happy when her name was announced. After winning, she took partial in an Easter manifestation as a model.

Britto has been scheming for a Miss Elegance foe for that a finals will be hold on Oct 15 during Cascadia Hotel, St Ann’s. On Sep 4, she participated in a talent shred and achieved a contemporary dance with gymnastics and ballet.

For Miss Elegance she has to use after her lessons for a 2018 Secondary Entrance Examination. Britto is a Standard Five tyro during Victory Academy of Learning, Trincity. She also has to get sponsors and 5 dresses yet pronounced scheming for a manifestation is not stressful yet “fun.”

Destinee Britto wants to be a dancer, yet has also been bit by a behaving bug.

Britto’s activities embody dance, gymnastics, swimming and karate yet she has had to put those aside to concentration on her studies for SEA. She is grateful for her parents, sister, supporters and Stacy Nurse from Rosemand’s Academy of a Performing Arts where she learns dance.

Britto once wanted to be a counsel yet also wants to be a veteran dancer. She likes being means to uncover opposite emotions and tell a story.

“It is like expressions entrance out (through dance).”

Britto is also meddlesome in behaving and in January, she and her sister Chloe participated in a internal scouting eventuality for a Disney association during Hyatt Regency, Trinidad. They were among 18 selected for a second leg in Los Angeles and should be placed on a database for talent scouts.

But she her biggest wish is to one day go adult for Miss Universe, a manifestation that TT has won twice, in 1977 Janelle Penny Commissiong won a crown, and in 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliam won a crown.

Just as these queens have done, Britto wants to enthuse others.

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